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Tarentaise, Savoie (Haute Isere, Doron of Bozel)


Rafting, children course

Rafting, full descent of the Haute-Isere

  Rafting   half day  

47 €

62 €


Rafting from Bourg-Saint-Maurice to Gothard. Mini. Age : 8 years old

Rafting from Bourg-Saint-Maurice 73700 to Centron 73210

Mini. Age : 12 years old


Rafting Doron of Bozel

  Rafting   half day   70 €  

2 descents

Mini. Age : 14 years old


Rafting Haute-Isere et Doron de Bozel

  Rafting   full day   120 €   Départure with a full raft  (6 pers. mini) see the page Full day rafting 

Rafting Dora-Baltee

  Rafting   full day   140 €   Départure  with a full raft  (6 pers. mini)

Canoe-raft/kayak-raft Haute-Isere

  Canoe-raft   half day   from 60 €


 Bourg-Saint-Maurice to Gothard or  Aime to Centron

Mini. Age : 13 years old


White water swimming (Hydrospeed)
Bourg-Saint-Maurice / Gothard/Aime

  White water swimming   half day   From 60 €  

hydrospeed from Bourg-Saint-Maurice to Gothard/AimeMini.

Age : 13 years old




  Canyoning   half day   from 60€   Canyons of the Eaux-rousses, Pussy, Benettan, Angon, and Montmin.

Week End and Stages


2 day course Savoie Tarentaise

  All   2 day course  

from 220 €

  Haute-Isere and the Doron of Bozel (Rafting / canoë-raft and white water swimming

2 day rafting course France and Italy

  Rafting   2 day course  

240 €

  Haute-Isere, Doron of Bozel and Dora-Baltéa

Training course white water and canyons

  All   5 day course   520 €   5 day course

Another destinations


2 day course in the Ubaye valley

  Rafting   2 day course   220 €   Rafting Alpes Haute-Provence, Ubaye and Bachelard

2 day course in the Val d'Aoste, Italy

  Rafting and Canyon   2 day course   250 €   Raft on the Dora-Baltee and Canyon of Chalami

Europe : white watertrip in the Northen Alps

  Rafting   11 day course   contact us   Bourg-Saint-Maurice / Bourg-Saint-Maurice

Maroc : Oueds of Atlas

  Rafting   8 day course   contact us   Without transport France / Marrakech