Rivers and Canyons of Tarentaise

Iterinary of this white water weekend:

First day:

Rafting on the Isere and the Doron of Bozel

- After a welcoming party ther will follow a technical briefing and an outline of the days ahead. The adventure will begin with an expedition down the magnificent Haute Isere River, this is demanding, but exhilarating journey covering 18 KM of breath taking scenery. The journey will give you the opportunity to familiarise yourself with a variety of rafting techniques. As the day continues we will join the Brides Les Bains Valley to discover a very different river, the uncompromising Doron of Bozel. The Doron of Bozel is a river of fast water, narrows turns, sharp bends, dips and eddys. Much of the riveris under a blanket of vegetation. If you have time to look, make sure you view the luxuriant surroudings. This stretch of water will provide you with unforgettable memories.

Second day:

Hydrospeed, canoe-raft on the Haute-Isere, canyon of the Eaux-Rousses

- During this second day, you can discover two activities, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, among three proposed activities. You can go down the course of the gorges of Centron in canoe-raft or in white water swimming . Everything is pretext to play with the white water : surfing on the breakers, eskimo roll at the top of the waves... You can also discover the descent of canyon.

The details of this programme are given as indications. Modifications can be brought about according to individual abilities, safety requirements, weather conditions and water level. The guide will have ultimate respnsability, his/her decision is final. 

Rate per personne: 

-White water weekend (raft on the Isère and the Doron of Bozel, white water swimming, canoe-raft): 220 €.

-White water and canyoning weekend: 220 €