Rafting involves, above all, a team spirit.

The fearless in front, the more relaxed in the middle and the more technically able in the back. Rafting allows each person to experience an adrenalin rush as they glide down the rapids, while at the same time discovering some amazing scenery.

We offer introductory sessions (river course grade 3) or more energetic sessions for the more adventurous and those in search of a challenge.

We offer half day sessions starting from 45 Euros (rafting half day tarif).

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rafting in Savoie France
French Alps rafting

Period from the 1 st of May to 30 the September

- Thanks to the dam at Tignes, the water level of the Haute Isere is regulated to a minimum of 20 m3. The river of the Doron de Bozel is navigable when rising temperatures thaw the glaciers which feed this river.

- Water levels (rate of flow) and conditions of navigation :
- Venturing down a river on a raft does not require any particular technical skills, nor do you have to be extremely fit. White water sports are accessible to all who love the natural enviroment and who are in search of a bit of adventure. Yet you do have to be in good health, know how to swim and not be afraid of going under water

The Savoie, a central spot for white water rafting

The Northern Alps within the regions of the Savoie and Haute Savoie, are full of great rivers, such as the Haute Isere, the Doron of Bozel in the Vanoise mountains, the Dranses de Savoie in the Chablais, the Cheran in the Bauges mountains, the canyons of Annecy... On weekend breaks, we hop over the Petit Saint Bernard Pass to paddle down the exhilarating river of the Dora Balte in the Val of Aoste(Italy). And why not push on a little further to the Val Sesia, where waters are so clear, one cannot resist the temptation to jump in for a cooling swim. Further south, you can encounter the remote and sunny rivers of the Ubaye, the Guil, the Durance and the Bachelard. Bourg-Saint-Maurice, central spot for white water sports.

Video of a exhilarating paddle down the Doron of Bozel in Savoie