Hydrospeed or white water swimming

For white water swimming or Hydrospeed, the swimmer is equiped with a foam flotter, a full wet suit in neopren with reenforced protections and flippers to propel oneself.

hydrospeed Bourg-Saint-Maurice
Hydrospeed in Savoie Bourg-St-Maurice

Hydrospeed is fun and exhilarating.

The game consists in swimming down the river in aid of the foam flotter, using and playing with the currents. This activity is a little more demanding physically than the others but allows you to discover the unique sensation of surfing down white water rivers. What fun!

This activity is accessible to all, no need to be a professionnel diver or swimmer, one has to just to be smart at using the water movements, obstacles and waves.

The Isere is a perfect river for this activity, providing many possibilities. The team will chose the best courses according to water levels and capabilities of the participants. One can subscrire to a half day or whole day outing, or even to a weekend or week course.