Full day rafting in Savoie

The Haute Isère and the Doron of Bozel

- These two fabulous rivers are born from various glaciers of the Tarentaise valley. They are renowned water courses within the canoe and kayak world and offer great sensations and are perfect spots for white water activities.
The day offers a wide range of possibilities, from an introductory paddle on the upper part of the Haute Isere to an exhilarating descent of the Doron of Bozel. There are also amazing naturel sites to discover such as the gorges of Centron. These various alternatives allow each and everyone, regardless of ability or past experience, to enjoy the wonders of paddling down these two famous rivers. Our team of river guides will make sure you have a wonderful time, sharing with you their passion and expertise of the white water world.

The organisation of a full day's rafting session

- You are welcomed by your guide, at our our white water base camp in Bourg-Saint-Maurice (Savoie). He/ she will show you the equipment and explain  the basic rafting techniques as well as the safety procedures. Access to the white water base camp

- The morning is taken up with the full descent of the course of the Haute Isere from Bourg-Saint-Maurice to Centron, 18 km in all for 2h15 non stop paddling.
First of all, we glide down the easier section of the course Bourg-Saint-Maurice / Bellentre, giving you a gentle introduction to the techniques and sensations of rafting. You then move on to a more demanding section of the Isere river with the famous rapids of Aime and then the magnificient canyon of Centron.

- You can then have a rest with a picnic or snack at Centron.

- In the afternoon, you move on to Brides Les Bains to embark on the Doron of Bozel, one of the fastest moving rivers of the Northern Alps. This river runs into the Isere at the town of Moutiers.
The course is 6 km long, takes abour 1h15 to paddle down and is very different from the Haute Isere : quick sequences, tight bends, small jumps, navigation under tree cover, all leaving you with some unforgetable memories!

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