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Nepal, Zimbabwe, USA, Kyrghystan, Reunion, etc.

We navigate in Nepal, Zimbabwe, USA, Kyrghystan, Reunion, Mexico, Canada, Italy, Slovenia and Morocco.

Once you have navigated with us something strange happens whenever you come across waterway. You look at the river differently; you judge its strenghth , its colour, its movement. You imagine it free from any trace of civilisation. And then suddenly you imagine yourself heading down the river - newly wild - and setting off an adventure...

As for us, we would love to share other universes with you and offer you a different kind of trip.

Rafting in Nepal


Rafting in Zimbabwe, USA, Kirghizistan, Reunion, Mexico


Rafting, canoeing, kayak in Canada


Rafting and canoë-raft in Italy and Slovenia


Rafting, kayak et canoe-rafting in Morocco


Croatia by kayak


If you are a group of 7 persons minimum, contact Rafting Organisation Coureurs de Rivières for your next trip on the rivers of the world.

If you prefer stay in France find White Water activities on the home page.