Programme and information
White Water Season 2020

We are always available to help you organise your à la carte white water programme (set fee) wheter for a half day, a full day, a weekend or longer. This is why we are able to offer you individual service whether it is for a group of friends, an organisation, part of a business seminar or a summer project. Don't hesitate to contact  Coureurs de Rivières Rafting Organisation and together we will define the ideal white water project for you - at the right moment on your choice of river, sea or canyon.

White water in springtime!

White water sports in the springtime means guaranted good levels and a wide choice of courses. This means it is possible to organise trips over several days going from one river or canyon to another, involving all white water disciplines. The forfait guide formula enables you to benefit from a specific organisation (guides and rafts reserved solely for your group, sports options, flexible timing, a choice in client-river guide ratio, freedom to alter the programme up to the last minute and attractive rates if teams are full). All you have to do is contact us we will work out a tailor-made programme together.

forfait guide rate/7 people: contact us

Ideas for white water weekends

Multi-activity weekend Tarentaise on the Haute-Isère and the Doron of Bozel in rafting, canoe-rafting and white water swimming.

Multi-activity weekend Savoie: Rafting, canoe-rafting, white water swimming and canyoning.

Rafting Trilogy weekend: Rafting down three fabulous rivers in the Northen Alps : the Haute-Isère,the Doron of Bozel and Dora Baltea.

Ubaye valley rafting weekend in the Alps of Haute-Provence : Raft the best routes on the Ubaye and the Bachelard river.

Aosta Valley rafting and canyoning weekend: Raft down the Dora-Baltea and then tackle the Chalami canyon in the Aosta valley: an incredible weekend.

All day white water ideas

Multi-activity day in the Tarentaise: Rafting and white water swimming or canoe-rafting on the Haute-Isère and Ubaye.

Rafting day: Rivers of Savoie, rafting on the Haute-Isère and the Doron of Bozel.

Canyoning day: Grenan, Angon, Montmin, Pussy, Benettan...

For individuals and small groups

We offer a number of spring weekend dates. Contact us for full details and technical information on these.

All white water sports from Bourg St Maurice in Savoie

The rivers and canyons of Savoie, and also its neighbouring valley, Aosta, are fed by the glaciers of the Vanoise, a Mont Blanc mountain range and also by lake at Tignes. This means you can enjoy all white water sports from the beginning of spring to the end of the summer. Throughout the white water season ( April 1 to September 30) you will find us at our base camp in Bourg St Maurice for all your projects for a half day or longer. Here is a list of activities with a rate per person. You can also consult full details by going to our technical information section where you will discover our "trip" rates, applicable when you regiseter for three half days or more.

Rafting, full descent of the Haute Isere half day :
Rate per person : 62 Euros

Rafting Doron of Bozel half day :
Rate per person : 70 Euros
(6 pers. minimum)

Rafting Haute-Isere and Doron de Bozel full day :
Rate per person : 120 Euros (6 pers. mini)

Rafting Dora Baltea full day :
Rate per person : 140 Euros. (12 pers. mini)

White water swimming half day :
Rate per person : from 60 Euros.

Canoe-rafting half day :
Rate per personne : from 60 Euros.

Canyoning half day:
Eaux-rousses canyon:
Rate per person : 60 Euros.

Pussy and Benettan canyons : Rate per person:

Angon and Montmin canyons : Rate person:

White water and canioning courses
Rivers and canyons of Savoie and Aosta Valley

For those looking for a complete white water course with rafting on the Haute Isère, the Doron of Bozel in Tarentaise, and the Dora Baltea in the Aosta Valley, white water swimming, canoe-rafting and canioning above Annecy Lake, this is it!

5-day course

Rate per per person : 520 €

Dates : from 22 to 26 of June 2020

contact us for accomodation

White water trip and voyages

Europe : White water of the Alpin Arc!

Rafting - canoe-rafting - aqua-canyon in Italy, the Tyrol and Slovenia.

During this roaming trip you will discover some of the most magnificent rivers of the southern Alpine Arc from eastern Italy, to eastern Slovenia, from the Aosta Valley to the Julian Alps via the Dolomites and the Austrian Tyrol. We will go down rivers in rafts and canoe-rafts but we will also explore stunning canyons using the aqua-canyons technique. And how could we resist Venice when our voyage takes us right to its lagoon? So we will explore Venice by canoe!


Numbers of days: 11

Bourg-Saint-Maurice / Bourg-Saint-Maurice Dates :

Rate per person: contact us

Rafting, canoe-rafting and kayaking in Morocco in the Atlas wadis!

Morocco has a Mediterranean feel with the Atlas Mountains for a backdrop, with their glittering snowy summits, and mighty canyons through wich clear white water flows, legendary hospitality, an unchanging gently pace and colourful souks. Betwen Marrakesh and Fez, the Moroccan Middle Atlas Mountains hide magnificent rivers with stunning scenery including the Assif Meloul and the Assif Ahansal. During this trip we will go down these wadis by raft or canoe-raft depending on your level of ability. These wadis are full of surprises, making their way through vertiginous canyons of red limestone, inaccessible to all except to a fews tribes of monkeys.


Numbers of days : 8

Dates: April

Rate per person: contact us (excluding travel to Marrakesh)

Sea kayaking

Il Everybody should try sea kayaking once in their life. It is a way to rediscover the sea and the caost, an incredible way to learn how to navigate the sea and enjoy untouched little coastal spots...

On request, we organise sea kayaking weekends at Porquerolles, the Calanques, in Corsica and in Brittany.

The Calanques


Sea Kayak in the Calanques

Two full days of the sea kayaking to discover the most beautiful calanques or creeks of Cassis, crossing from the Cap Canaille to the Port-Miou calanque - an ideal weekend to discover the fabulous discipline that the sea kayaking.

Dates: April/ May

Rate per person:contact us (accomodation in a campsite, two days of navigation)

Sea Kayaking in Croatia

A nine-day trip in Croatia and the magnificent Dalmatian Coast by sea kayak with a tour of Korcula Island.

The programme includes : limestone landscape and exceptional countryside, swimming in crystal clear, warm water, getting to know a welcoming people, the atmosphere of Split and Korcula and the charm of the Adriatic by sea kayak along a coastline still wonderfully preserved.

(departing from Bourg-Saint-Maurice)