Canoe raft or Hot-Dog

- Thecanoe-raft, called also hot dog is an inflatable boat like a raft, which enables one to paddle down exhilarating rapids in a tandem, without the inconveniences of a traditionnel canoe. It is unsinkable,stable and allows one, without too much technique to profite fully of the joys and fun of white water river descent.

Canoe-raft on Isere Bourg-St-Maurice
Canoe-raft on Isere Bourg-St-Maurice

- The descents are practise by group of 4 to 5 boats, accompagnied by afully qualified guide. You are equiped with neopren suits and shoes, a safety jacket and a helmet.

Canoe Rafting is practise mainly on the Isere river, the course is choosen according to the water levels and experience of the participants.

- Canoe-raft prices

Canoe raft  video

The best way to give you a taste of what awaits you on your future hot dog session!!
Here, the Sia river in Italy.